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Our Mission

RINGER DESIGNS offers the finest custom imprinted tile murals, mounted displays and individual tile images.  We maintain our own in-house design and production facilities and serve the architecture, interior design, building, fine arts, retail and hospitality industries.

architectural APPLICations 


Mural, trim or accent tiles can be grouted to any wall surface that is appropriate for ceramic tiles. The tiles are washable and color safe, as long as they are not exposed to direct UV (sun) light. Each tile is carefully inspected, numbered and packaged.

display panels

Display Panels are a great way to display your art in a way that is not permanently attached to your wall. The tiles are attached to a medium density fiberboard which is the most rigid substrate within its weight range. Heavy duty hanging hardware is mounted on the rear. We do not recommend displays that are over 25 square feet because of the weight.

individual tiles

artist gallery tiles

Artist Gallery Tiles are usually 6” x 6” ceramic tiles which provide a new and exciting way for artists to reproduce and share their work. The special polymer surface coating on the tiles and dyes bring out detailed brushstrokes and vibrant color. 

These tiles have been used in several ways, for example:  galleries sell tiles in conjunction with exhibits, as promotional items and as gift items, with the gallery’s name imprinted, for invited guests at exhibit openings.


We can help you sell your tiles with our online sales program. Your tiles will be  displayed on our website. There are no inventory or any other requirements on you part. Ordered tiles are printed on-demand and we handle fulfillment and billing. You receive payment for each sale. You set the retail price. We deduct the cost of the tile and shipping.

keepsake tiles



Our Keepsake Tiles are used in promotional or retail situations. They are very popular because of their substantive architectural quality and their ability to enhance the images infused into their surfaces. The most popular sizes are 4.25" x 4.25" and 6"x6". The substrate can be made of ceramic, stone, metal, wood or fiberboard. There is a very low minimum order quantity which makes it easy to experiment with different images and applications. Feedback has shown us that most people who are given ceramic tiles as gifts or who purchase them actually use them and don't just hide them in the back of a drawer.

product details

We use the highest grade architectural quality American made tiles and coatings.

Theses tiles are treated with a special polymer coating. Images are first printed onto transfer sheets using a dye sublimination ink. Under high heat and pressure the ink converts from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid form.  The colored gases become entrapped in the polymer cellular structure as compared to inks which lay on top of the substrate material. The colors are permanent and will not fade or wear-off over time. The high reflectivity of the available gloss and satin surfaces enhance the vibrancy and the saturation of the image colors. The texture of the original medium and the brush strokes can easily be seen.

Each tile used in our projects is individually printed allowing the image to gracefully flow over the rounded edges of the tiles.  This avoids the "ghosting" that appears along the edges on tiles that are printing in a "batch" process.

Our tiles range in size  from 2”  to 12” tiles. The most popular sizes are 4¼” x 4¼" and 6” x 6”.

Glossy Finish
: Provides a brilliant canvas for best artwork and photo reproduction. However, it is susceptible to scratches and not recommended for surfaces which require frequent cleaning.

Satin Hard Coat/Matte Finish: Provides a custom tile mural that is highly resilient and scratch resistant. This tile is recommended for showers, and backsplash applications.  

Tumbled Stone: A flat stone finish that presents any art or image in an old-world fashion. Tumbled stone must be sealed if used in a water application.

Glass: Glass offers such diversity in its use. The glass is imaged on the backside so durability is not an issue. The coating on the backside is waterproof so it can be used in swimming pools.

image sourcing

Your Photo or Graphic File

A high resolution image taken from a camera is an excellent image source for custom printed tiles. For the best colors and sharpest image, the file should be a 300 dpi, TIFF or RAW format image. A JPG can also be used if it is the only format available..

Acquired Image

We can recommend several stock image sites such Shutterstock; iStockphoto; fotolia; and Getty Images. Behance is also an excellent source of original artwork where illustrations can be aquired from the artists.

Commissioned Artwork

Many of our clients are acclaimed artists working in the fields of painting, collage making and photography . If you are interested in a commissioned piece of art to be produced on a tile mural we can introduce you to the appropriate artist(s).